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Whitewater kayaking is a great way to enjoy the out doors, whether you are a beginner paddler trying a new sport or an experienced paddler looking to enhance your current skillset. MAYUC kayak’s expert instructors assess each individual’s experience level to offer personalized coaching and support to meet your goals. We have course criteria available for groups or individuals across many craft and skill levels and take advantage of the area lakes and rivers for skill progression and practice.

For those brand new to the sport of whitewater kayaking, our 3 hr. Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking or our 2 days Kayak courses are a great place to start. Intermediate paddlers are perfect for our 2 days Class II - III clinics while more experienced/advanced paddlers will be challenged in our Class III+ clinics. Private instruction is also available for any level paddler for a more personal experience. If you’re unsure which of our courses is right for you, please give us a call or send sms (0047 405 45 184) and we’d be happy to assist in ensuring you are in the right course.


We also offer 1 : 1 kayak rolling sessions with our professional coach to ensure you get the most out of your rolling session.

Our RIVER KAYAK courses are for anyone over 12 years old.


Registration for our courses

* All participants must register on our website.



Calendar 2023




INTRO to RIVER kayaking

3 hours

13,16,17,18 Jun.

12.00 - 15.00

1250 kr.

Whitewater quick start - LEVEL  1

2 days

17-18 Jun.

09.00 - 17.00

2850 kr.

Whitewater quick start - LEVEL  2

2 days



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