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About Us

MAYUC MAYUC is a small adventure Sea-kayak, River-kayak and activities. Born from a deep passion for adventure in the heart of the backcountry side of SAUDA. We understand how an amazing kayak trip experience can make a lasting impression on peoples lives. That's why we provide a high level of logistics and take care to get it right. MAYUC MAYUC provide courses, short guided kayak tours, multi-days adventures trips, SUP-board and kayak rentals.


Our instructors are certified by the Norwegian Paddle Association (NPF) and have many years of experience teaching paddling and other outdoor activities. We pride ourselves on a high level of competence in paddle sports, outdoor leadership and safety – as well as making sure you have an awesome time with us out on the water.




A passionate world rafting & kayaker, with a wealth of experience, both as a kayak coach, and wilderness tour leader from the Andes of Cusco - Perú. Has a degree in Tourism Management and Certified Outdoor Leader at the University of Andes Cusco, AGOCP, UIMLA, IFMGA, WRT-3, Rescue3Norge and Norwegian Paddle Association (NPF).

MAYUC KAYAK founded 2010, with the vision to make memorable kayaking experiences available to anyone at any experience level.


MAYUC MAYUC has robust ethics when it comes to adventure.

  • Operate in small teams is to deliver low-impact on the environment, educational, eco-friendly and provide the best experience to our customers.

  • Provide authentic adventure, and empower people to explore/adventure in its purest form.

  • Part of the adventure is overcoming challenges that come our way, Keeping it real.

  • Our adventure are all unique and adaptable to ensure the most memorable experience.

  • Every adventure is a learning opportunity, that's why we coach every element of expedition skills.

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