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Inflatable Kayak rental

At MAYUC kayak, you can also rent inflatable kayak for one or  two-person. These are perfect for flat-water like Sauda-fjord or paddling our beautiful mountain lakes. 

They are super easy to transport and the kayaks come with all necessary paddles, life jackets, and basic safety gear. You can rent for two hours, single day or weekend, from our base in Tangen, located in the center of the town.

You and your group of friends or group of familie will be on the water in no time. The Kokopelli inflatable kayaks are some of the best built and most stable, fun kayaks available on the market today. No experience is necessary. Just book online and have a good fun!

We also offer tours for private groups, on request, Contact Us


About OUR KOKOPELLI inflatable kayak

  • MOKI II R-Deck ( Weight Capacity: 600 lb. / 272 kg.) Max. 2 adult

  • MOKI I R-Deck ( Weight Capacity: 400 lb. / 227 kg.) Max. 1 adult

Included in the Price:

  1. Kokopelli inflatable kayak

  2. 2 Alpine lake paddles

  3. PFD - Life jacket

  4. 1 Removable fin

  5. Hand pump

  6. Removable spraydeck

  7. 1 Backpack style bag

Prices for rent a Inflatable kayak:

MOKI I R-Deck price:

2 hours - 180 NOK

3 hours - 250 NOK

4 hours - 320 NOK

Full day - 400 NOK


MOKI II R-Deck price: ( for max. 2 persons ) 

2 hours = 240 NOK

3 hours = 310 NOK

4 hours = 380 NOK

Full day = 480 NOK

NOTE. Rent the INFLATABLE kayak for the weekend please, 

Contact us


Enquiry Form

* Groups more than 5 people will have to book minimum 3 days in advance.


Thank you for booking. We will contact you ASAP.

Booking and Payment :


  • Reservations are made on our Enquiry Form here on our webside.

  • Payment can be made bank transfer or Vipps after you get an email confirmation on your booking. 

Pickup and return of rental gear:

  1. Pickup of the equipment: 09.00

  2. Returning equipment: 17:30 til 18:00.

  3. Both INFLATABLE kayak and equipment should be cleaned for the next customer to use.

  4. If you prefer not to clean your board and pack, we can do it for you. This service costs NOK 200,- 

  5. If you return the equipment later than 18:30, let us know or we will charge you probably NOK 200,- for every hour you are late.

Additional :

  • Pick up service INFLATABLE kayak for NOK 500.-  ( up to 50 km. distance )

Disclaimer deal:

  • MOKI I only 1 person per kayak, MOKI II 2 persons per kayak.

  • Use neoprene paddling shoes or water-resistant light shoes/sandals. NO heavy (hiking) boots or similar.

  • Children 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No experience is required. You must be able to swim.

  • Wear clothing appropriate to weather conditions. Take water, sunscreen etc as necessary.

  • We suggest putting your belongings in a dry bag.

  • We recommend that you do not paddle alone.

  • You must always have a PFD when you and your Inflatable kayak are on the water.

  • If you behave in an unsuitable manner (not respecting the public right, not wearing PFD) or influence of alcohol, drugs, psychiatric drugs or any similar substancesMAYUC kayak has the right to take back all hired equipment without reimbursement.

  • INFLATABLE kayak rented from MAYUC kayak is at your own risk. Accidents can happen without any contributory negligence from the MAYUC kayak or its staff. MAYUC kayak will NOT have any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property or for personal injury arising as a result of its own act or default. You are responsible for paddling in accordance with applicable regulations.

  • When you return, the rented Inflatable kayak must be cleaned and pack in its own bag in the same condition as it was when you left.  If not, we will charge you for the cleaning or packing the kayak.

  • If you damage Inflatable kayak or other equipment, you are responsible for any costs to replace or repair it.

  • MAYUC kayak commits to rent INFLATABLE kayak in good condition suitable for use in our environment.

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